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Senior Technical Artist

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Guildford, United Kingdom
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Are you a tools programmer with an artistic eye? 

A VFX artist with strong programming skills?

Do you want to partner with other great developers to make amazing games? 

We are looking for a technical artist to work closely with the creative director and lead programmers of a world-renowned studio developing games enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

Your Role:

  • Setting up and maintaining the workflow of art production 
  • Deciding which art packages and tools the studio should use
  • Investigating new techniques, and then going ahead and implementing them.
  • Optimise the art to make sure that the digital files run efficiently, and that the designs keep high standards of visual quality
  • You’ll act as the bridge between art and technical groups.
  • You will help troubleshoot and provide solutions to visual effects related issues
  • You will create high-quality real-time visual effects.
  • You will master optimising effects for performance while retaining visual quality

You will join a renowned studio working on exciting and innovative video games every day. The studio has a strong company culture, where employees are encouraged to have an excellent work-life balance. They truly want to support their team to become the best professionals they can be, whatever their department.

Your Experience:

  • UE4 experience
  • Python Experience
  • C++ Experience
  • Experience with Houdini or other real-time particle systems
  • Excellent communication and time management skills
  • Experience creating VFX and PFX in video games
  • Bachelor’s degree in art, design, technical discipline or other relevant training;
  • Experience in the video game industry is essential. Interested? Apply now! Via the form below!

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